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Credas Inc.

Credas Inc. provides strategy, execution, and innovation to our clients. We accelerate growth and impact, and create new opportunities.

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Credas creates and enhances solutions with business partners and clients. We define strategic approaches and build product solutions.

We utilize technology, strategy, and years of execution experience to assist entities, both private and public, in accelerating success, growth and impact.


We assist in the identification, creation, and licensing IP, lead efforts on the execution of complex projects, and assist in digital transformation.

We are a hands-on organization that will partner to create and execute a vision that will succeed.

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Credas utilizes cutting-edge technology as a vehicle for creating meaningful and impactful solutions.

We are curious, research-driven, and future-leaning. Our technology is implemented in ways that make solutions less complicated and more accessible.

Accelerate Growth

With over 20 years of experience in software and solution development, we have built scale solutions focused on using data analytics, human-centered digital product design, development, and execution to create the best operational outcomes for our customers.

Delivering well-engineered, thoughtful solutions to accelerate digital transformation throughout enterprises has been our hallmark. We utilize our deep experience in process, architecture, and approach to support customers, their end-users, and objectives by creating digital solutions, learning opportunities, enhanced processes, and training to continue to build their capacity and evolve their practice. We focus on innovation, strategy, data analytics/data-driven decision making, information collection, and software development and recently have specifically been working in applying digital solutions related to health & trauma response, employee wellness, digital transformation & management processes, online learning/entertainment.

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Credas Approach


Creating viable and navigable roadmaps for success, with solutions and assistance for organizations.


Hands-on management processes and digital transformation-taking the lead on executing complex projects with an eye to success.


Cutting-edge technology innovation and customer-focused solution design utilizing advanced technology and data-driven analytics.



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